Biteris Rentals

We bridge the gap between principle and profit.



Our services protect investors and landlords by securing long term agreements with high risk occupants.



Buying with Biteris is easy. Our secured, in-house funding makes it easy for anyone to buy a new home or investment property.




Using our crypto funding program, anyone with about $1000 can begin their new journey buying and flipping properties, anywhere in the world.


We bridge the gap between principle and profit.


We at Biteris believe in the power of YES. 


Nothing can be had by saying no.


When you open the door to opportunity by saying yes, only new and exciting outcomes are possible.

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Costs Involved

Registration is just $50. Monthly charges range but are an average of about 5%-10% of the overall statement. Its more affordable than the alternative and our services are unmatched.


We have no competitors.

How To Begin


To begin the process simply register by completing a simple application. It takes just a few minutes and approval is almost instantaneous. Our underwriting team can approve your submission in just under an hour.

Who We Benefit


Biteris Rentals provides a secure and safe transition process for potential occupants of leased spaces around the world. We secure contracts up to five years and guarantee payments on residential structures for high-risk clients. Our services benefit both landlords and tenants.

Who Are We?

What We Offer

  Bad Credit? Felonies? Evictions?


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